Rosa Parks – Vivacious Women Collection


“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.”
– Rosa Parks

This bouquet is for the one whose courage and wisdom helped shape who you are. Their innate ability to know right from wrong and stand for it inspires you. Though this bouquet is simply made up of roses, don’t mistake it for being simple. The carefully selected tones compliment and lift each other in a way that sets the bouquet aglow (and will set your recipient’s face aglow too.)

Standard $75 • Generous $105 • Luxurious $135

Bunch pictured is "Standard" size.

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The Green Room team will use their unique floral skills to create you an individual design that's sure to wow, using your chosen bouquet as their template for inspiration.

We will do our very best to capture the spirit and essence of your choice, however each design will vary according to the florist's personality, what nature provides us with and seasonal availability and variety.

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