The Perfection of Peonies

Get them while you can

They're big, they're beautiful and their season is extremely limited, so it's no wonder flower lovers go gaga over Peonies.

We currently have the first imports of the European season in the shop - but there's only a two week season window so get in quick. We won't see the start of the Australian season for quite some time. Alternatively, order online and have them delivered to you.

In China, the Peony is known as the "King of Flowers" or the "flower of riches and honour", a title we think it thoroughly deserves.

The joy of the peony is watching it transform. Starting as tightly balled petals, the flower unfolds and unfurls, unfolds and unfurls until it reaches it's final state - a voluptuous, textured bloom that's unrivalled by any other flower.

Caring for your Peonies

Getting the most out of your bunch of peonies is just a matter of simple pre-care and placement within the home.

Remove all the leaves that will be underwater in the vase - these can rot, reducing the life of the flower. Fill a clean sink with about 10cms of water, immerse the peony stems in it, then cut about 2cm of off on an angle while immersed in the water. This allows the water to stick to the pores that uptake the water into the flower.

Make sure your vase is well washed and fill it about 1/3 full then arrange your peonies in it. Pop it somewhere out of direct sunlight and away from the heater. More heat will cause the flowers to open more quickly. Cooler temperatures help slow the progress.

Remember to change the water every couple of days.

Discover more peony perfection on our dedicated Pinterest board.

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